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Dental Replacement Upholstery

We are a family owned and operated business and our upholstery kits are custom made in our shop to order. Our replacement upholstery program is simple. In most cases, we provide you with replacement upholstery “core” cushions completely assembled. Then you remove your old cushions and install ours. Then you send us your old ones back so we can reuse the core plastic, wood or metal parts inside. This process allows us to provide you with a product that is guaranteed to fit at a competitive price. The best part is your chair is only out of service for the amount of time it takes to swap the cushions. Our kits are made to order in our shop. We use only the best materials available and stand behind our product with a two year warranty. Our stools are also built to order, to ensure you get the product and quality you expect.

Over the years we have developed patterns and scrutinized the details such as foam density and cushion style to make our upholstery truly Superior. Since we make our kits to order, we can customize them to suit your needs. We can add slings or remove wings. We can add lumbar support or make a custom headrest. The standard kit is seamless asepsis style to allow for easy cleaning. The plush style has seams in the seating area of the cushions. This is a much more stylish look and coupled with Memory Foam and Ultraleather, can make a very comfortable dental chair. We can take your chair and completely change its look, style and comfort.

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The Superior Dental Upholstery Relaxor System

Our Relaxor System will make your patients so comfortable they might not want to leave. We can install the Relaxor System in most of our upholstery kits. Available with six motor massage, your patient will have the most comfortable dental visit ever. Optional Heat Coil is located in lower back lumbar to provide additional relaxation.

Superior Dental Upholstery Dental Stools

We manufacture these stools in-house and also offer replacement kits for your stools, so your stools can also be recovered quickly and easily.

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