About us

About us

Our remodeling company is a leading expert when it comes to building or remodeling either residential houses or commercial building

We always put a distinct focus on Edina and other captivating neighborhoods in the Twin Cities.

Our company’s expertise includes skillfully blending new homes amongst established ones. The StellarLook team knows the importance of keeping the process simple and worry-free, and they work closely with clients to custom tailor each home. StellarLook provides the highest quality experience and materials, but knows that true luxury is found in everyday real living–sharing life with the people that matter most.


Range of Options

Whichever design motifs you'd like us to add to your residential or commercial premises, we're sure that we'll be able to manage to do that!

Agile Working Style

Known for our agile style of work, we never spend more time on any project than it's needed. Making your design dreams come true is easy with our help!

Fair Pricing

Spending money for making some vital adjustments to your home or office look is important. Be sure that when hiring us, the price will be fair and balanced!

Renovations yearly

Lower prices

Returning clients

Our team

We’re constnatly hiring new people! So if you do have a practical work experience in this field, please apply!

We review and accept business requests on a 24/7 basis. Contact us now...